For dietary management in stimulating lactation

Characteristics and justification for use:

The product is used when physiological lactation requires stim-ulation, in particular at its initial stage, i.e. starting on the second day post delivery, and during the so-called lactation crises. Barley malt contained in Lactanell was included in the lactation stimulation protocol in case of an actual breastmilk insufficiency in the mother diagnosed by a specialist1,2. The Expert Group Position also indicates positive regulation of prolactin secretion by beta-glucan derived from barley3. At the same time, the use of barley malt-based products is described as an example of a good dietary practice to sup-port lactation3.

An observational study showed significant improvements in parameters such as pumped milk volume, extended active swallowing time and increased daily weight gains with the use of Lactanell present in Femaltiker® administered 2 sachets a day for 14 days3. A clinical trial with mothers of preterm infants showed a statistically significant increase in milk production (by 1700 ml) during 12 days of Fe-maltiker® Lactanell use compared to the placebo group4. Both groups received care from a lactation con-sultant and stimulated milk production using a breast pump4.


Recommended for dietary management in case of:

• breastmilk insufficiency

• problems with inducing or maintaining lactation

• slow infant weight gain due to insufficient breastmilk quantity

• stress related to lactation initiation

Method of use

A mother wishing to breastfeed should take 1-2 servings a day during a meal. Femaltiker® active mechanism means consumption 30 minutes to 1 hour before the planned breastfeeding/pumping session is recommended. Dissolve the contents of the sachet in 150 ml of milk (cold or warm) and mix thoroughly. In case of allergy or intolerance to cow's milk, a plant-based milk substitute (e.g. barley, soy, rice, oat, spelt) or water can be used. The product can also be mixed with natural or flavored yoghurt. You can start using the product on the second day after childbirth. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Important information: The product is to be used under the supervision of a physician. The product is not suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition. The product is intended for breastfeeding women. The prod-uct is not intended for parenteral use. 


femaltiker® caramel ingredients: Lactanell (barley malt, barley beta-glucan, dry Melissa officinalis dry extract), sucrose, caramel flavoring.

femaltiker® caramel nutritional value: 1-2 sachets contain (recommended daily dose):

Femaltiker® caramel nutritional value: 1-2 sachets contain (recommended daily dose):

100 g contains1 sachet2 sachets
Energy value (kJ/kcal)1637/385126/30252/59
fat (g), including:
saturated fatty acids (g)
carbohydrates (g), including:93714
sugars (g)564.38.6
fiber (g)
protein (g)
salt (g)

Femaltiker® choco nutritional value: 1-2 sachets contain (recommended daily dose):

100 g contains1 sachet2 sachets
Energy value (kJ/kcal)1579/373114/27227/54
fat (g), including:
saturated fatty acids (g)
carbohydrates (g), including:73.45.310.6
sugars (g)
fiber (g)
protein (g)
salt (g)

Who is Femaltiker recommended to?

femaltiker®  is recommended as a supplement to a professional lactation consultant ses-sion and stimulation of lactation by increasing the frequency of offering breast to the infant and/or mechanical expression of milk.